What I Wear to the 🏊‍♀️

Chasing around 3 kids at a pool can be really stressful and hard to manage. So let’s just say mommy isn’t running around in a string bikini anymore these days! I like to be pretty covered up but at the same time stylish.

I have searched high and low for the perfect “Mom suit” that isn’t super frumpy or matronly. You still want to feel good about yourself at the pool!

Enter the perfect solution, a high waisted swim skirt. It’s super retro, flattering and covers your butt! Score!

I wear this usually with a one piece and sometimes with a bikini top! I have a black one from Unique Vintage and a navy blue one from Amazon. You can wear it short or pull it down to cover more as shown in picture 2.


The bathing suit is from TJ Maxx and my silver slides are from Target!

I also found a few cute cover ups that were very inexpensive from Target and Poshmark!

Hope this helps those of you looking for a stylish solution while chasing kiddos around a pool! ☀️



What I wore: Chicago

My husband and I took a trip to Chicago last week. It ended up being cold and rainy most of the time so a lot of things I packed I couldn’t wear! Or I could have but would have been freezing! 😂

When we have a travel day I always wear leggings and sneakers with a sweater or jacket. It’s comfy and you can easily make it look cute! Glad this was comfortable considering we got stuck at the airport for 8 hours this day!


Jacket- Target

Shirt- Marshalls

Leggings- Lululemon

Sneakers- Sorel

Next up what I wore during the days pretty much consisted of a body suit, jacket and jeans. It was dreary and felt more like Fall and less like June! Which is ok by me 🙂


Jacket- Nordstrom Rack

Body suit- Forever21

Jeans- Americans eagle

Booties- Old Navy

The first night we had a lovely dinner with the people who hosted my husbands conference. This dress is my favorite dress I own from ASOS!


Dress- Asos

Shoes- Nine West

The following evening we had a lovely event at the Art Institue. This dress also is from ASOS!


Dress- Asos

Shoes- Nine West

Purse- Target

Last! We finally saw Hamilton! It was a wonderful show and we had a delicious dinner after.


Dress- Asos

Shoes- Target

This dress was super tight but I loved the sleeves and the color was bright and fun to wear.

We had a wonderful time. Thanks, Chicago!



Striped Target Skirt

I have been obsessed with the colorful striped trend that’s been happening lately! It just makes me happy! 😊

This skirt I found from Target with an off the shoulder body suit from Forever21. I belted it with an old aqua/khaki belt bc the skirt was a little big on me.


Earrings are also from Target and my shoes are my Nine West wedges. Bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs from TJ Maxx!

This was such a comfy date night outfit and so affordable. I have a ton of striped dresses and skirts to show you guys all super affordable!


Comfy pants 🙌🏻

I love the “paper bag” pant and short style that is out now! These pants were SO comfortable to wear on an evening event where I was chasing my kids around the entire time but had to look presentable. I lucked out with these and found them at Forever21 for super cheap! They were even long enough for me which is really lucky for me 😂 I paired them with a yellow bodysuit also from Forever21.


I was able to wear my Nine West edges (also comfortable) underneath, which made if really easy to walk/run after my 2 year old. 🙌🏻

Next up is a Target dress I found last month. It’s a great length and fairly flattering even though they are horizontal strips. This would be fun for the 4th. 🙂


I am wearing some heels from TJMaxx and a Ralph Lauren purse. You could also pair this with some white converse/Addidas and I think that would be super cute as well!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I sincerely appreciate it!


Summer skirt/dress

We had a night out and I searched my closet for this buffalo check high waisted skirt from Target last year. I absolutely love this skirt! It provides a lot of coverage and I think the pattern is so fun! I paired it with a crop top drom Forever21 which was a little hiked up more than normal in this photos! It usually only shows a tiny bit of skin. 😅189E2C1A-1247-4CEF-B782-485A22BD2621

My shoes are wedges from Nine West. I am not a huge wedge fan bc they make me too tall, but these are the perfect height and so easy to walk in!

Next up was a date night to the Ballet! I love the ballet. I had this dress from ASOS in my closet that I have never worn and I thought it would be perfect! It is midi length, scuba material and a pretty floral print. It does sit off the shoulders so I found it pretty hard to move my arms 😂 this would be an issue if you had to do a lot of lifting or maybe even dancing but my arms were fine since I just sat and watched the dancers! These pastels are so pretty but probably not the best suited for my fair skin. I would say though the dress was well made for the price! My shoes are from TJ Maxx! 👌🏼


Can’t wait to find some more fun affordable summer pieces to share with you all!

💜 Becca

Mother’s Day yellow

I didn’t buy a new dress for mother’s day this year. I needed something light (bc it was HOT out) and long (bc we hosted brunch at our house). I paired this yellow body suit from Forever21 with my yellow pleated skirt from Target!


Shoes are front Target and still at the store!

Yellow is such a happy color and I don’t wear it often but I’m glad I put this together for a special day 🌞


Comfy Jumpsuit!

I found this comfortable and adorable jumpsuit at TJ Maxx for under 30.00! I paired it with a jean jacket and my black vans.


This would also be so cute styled with black strapy heels for a date night out!

Junpsuits are everywhere this spring but you can definitely find them for an affordable price if you look!