Date Night!😘

My husband and I had a nice date night a couple weeks ago. I wore shoes I would never wear if it was an outing with the kiddos bc they are so high, but so cute!

The dress is from Marshalls (Jr. Section) and the belt is from Forever21. Shoes are a TJ Maxx find once again!


This dress was 12.99! It was knit but very light and easy to wear. There is choker piece that is attached to the dress (hard to see in these photos) that make it a little more interesting.


Shoes-TJ Maxx




Happy 4th! 🇺🇸

So our 4th of July actually got completely rained out. 😦 All festivities were cancelled, it was such a bummer! I actually wore work out pants and a patriotic tank that day. The 5th we finally got to celebrate!

I paired a red and white striped dress from Old Navy with a chambray shirt tied around my waist for more coverage in the back! I also wore these red tassel sandals..also from Target!

I was alone w my three kids at this event, as my husband had to work 👎🏻. I wore short bike shorts underneath because I knew I’d be kneeling and squatting down taking care of my youngest who still doesn’t walk! The shirt was also extra coverage for this purpose and also I needed some blue!


Dress- Old Navy



Watch-Marc Jacobs

If you celebrate the 4th, I hope it was the best!




Today we had fun with some out of town friends!

I wore my AE distressed capris and a Target shirt I grabbed for 10.00! I wore my Addidas and a hat and was good to go! I found these Addidas at Marshalls for 35.00. They are so comfortable, I know they are kind of overly popular but I see why people love them. 🙂 This shirt from Target is an XXL and so I can tie it up like usual!

Love this casual look for Momma’s on the go!

IMG_1407.JPGHat-Local Boutique



Shoes-TJ Maxx

Watch- Marc Jacobs




IMG_1270.JPGFinding an appropriate length pair of shorts this summer has been hard! They are either way too short or way too long!

I picked these up from TJ Maxx for 15.00, but I think maybe these are still on the longer side? Also, they did stretch out by the end of the day which was disappointing.

I do like the distressed look of these but eh, I don’t think these are my holy grail shorts. Still on the hunt!


Shorts-TJ Maxx



Hat-Local boutique



Father’s Day 👔

For Father’s Day I wore a off the shoulder romper I found at Target! I was worried it would be too short, but with the sleeves down it was just right!

Rompers are so easy to dress up, and they provide coverage that you wouldn’t otherwise have with a dress.

I ordered a horn neckacke off of Etsy and I get so many compliments on it. Still not sure if it’s a horn or a crescent moon but I still really like it!

I paired it with lace up wedges and I was good to go!


Thanks to my husband for taking some photos of my outfit!

Romper- Target

Watch- Marc Jacobs


Moon/Horn necklace-Etsy

Hope everyone had a nice time celebrating their dads!





Asos Dress

We had my nieces big party last weekend and for this I ordered a different dress from Asos than what I received from them! I ended up just keeping this one and wearing it bc at least it was the right size!

The cut on the waist is very flattering. This was a scuba print material that is also very easy to wear.

IMG_1213.JPGThe shoes were a find at Marshalls almost 5 years ago and are probably my most favorite shoes I own!



Necklace- Forever21

So even though I was frustrated I was sent the wrong dress for this occasion, the one they sent me worked out!




Favorite Target find ever!?

I had another religious related event to attend on Saturday morning. I found this adorable pleated skirt at Target last week. I love the colors! I paired it with a black body suit (also Target!) and Emerald heels.

I absolutely love pleated skirts. I think they are so classy and easy to wear. Another skirt that isn’t too short, if I need to bend down w the kiddos I am secure!

The lady at Target checking me out told me the best way to get pleats back into a skirt after it is washed is to cut a pair of panty hose and pull the skirt through! Who would have thought!


Once again this might be one of my top Target finds in a long time. I can’t wait to wear this fun skirt again!



Shoes-X Appeal